my name is kelsey and this is my neoblog. I love to draw my pets! also sometimes porn of them.

There is NSFW content on this blog.

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Some of many notable Aishas in Neopia.

also wanna apologize for my lack of activity lately! i’ve been artblocked and playing other pet sites, and when i have drawn it’s been awful bruno porn that i am not brave enough to share, even with this blog. im sure i’ll get back into neo art soon, so thanks to everybody for sticking around! 

Anonymous asked: Oh my gohd i was all set to follow your blog since it has such cute drawing and then i saw the porn lol. What the heck girl!

i try to give lots of warnings + make it very clear that porn exists on my blog so people who don’t want to see it don’t have to! idk what else you want from me, i’m not gonna stop or feel bad about it


Made a comic inspired by this adorable item


I was looking back at some of the older neopet plots and read through the Tale of Woe. I felt compelled to draw Bruno and his family. It’s tragic what happened to him. 



A tiling Aisha background! All four basic colors (I want to make one with more PB colors next time).

Free for your use, but please credit me! Top is a preview (will not tile), bottom left is the large version, and bottom right is the small (better for tiling online IMO).

Do not remove my watermark or my comment, please.

This is awesome :3

i threw most of my nc items on my aisha and they actually looked pretty cool together so i sketched ‘em out.

everyone wanted to see my resutls from the neopets sorter right?

I was like “what a strange name for a petpet, who came up with this? ok whatever”

but then

my neopet just wants assistance in eating its petpet! nothing t o be alarmed or confused about! (:

Real talk you guys


When creating your neopets characters how do decide if they will be animal-like or people-like?

I mean, I always want to draw my neopets but I cannot decide this one factor, if I would like them to be like some wild animals runnin’ around or like some humans walkin’ on two legs and using social media etc.

Which do you prefer? How do you decide? Are your pets all exclusively one or the other or do you have a mix of them, maybe separated by account?

I mix it up, based on species/design/whatever I feel like drawing at a point in time haha…  I think it’s very fun to separate things by account so I’m glad you mentioned that/other people think of it too! I have an account of anthro food aishas, whereas another account is more quad/neo-style pets. I just like that for organization, to keep the pets with similar stories/that share the same world all together.

For me, as far as deciding, it is very dependent on where I want to go with the pet. For example, early on I decided I wanted to go with a greaser theme for Nocu, my alien aisha, so obviously that is more conducive to anthro styling. Mitva, my woodland aisha, is more of a “creature”/monster than anything else, so that works best as a “quad” rather than a humanoid. 

ANYWAY I think it’s most fun to combine+create different things… that way you can suit whichever mood you have when it comes to drawing. :3a It can help to sketch out the pet a few times too, to get a handle on how you prefer them—I did that with Lauranth, my royalboy aisha, who went from “neo-style” anthro to full humanoid anthro when I decided where I wanted to go with his story. Also remember that you can do that neopets-style middle ground where it’s not full anthro but not quite quad, so animals can wear clothes and be on all fours but also use phones &etc…